Evacuation Plans & Safety Signs

1. What are evacuation plans and safety icons?

A plan, provided with pictograms , is printed and after checking a final plan, together with a legend and the necessary text, is printed again in color. The number of plans is determined by the size of the building. And more specifically by the number of entrances and floors. After your approval, the plans are placed in a frame. We then fix these frames in the places provided.

An evacuation plan is the floor plan of a building and of the floor on which you are located. The employer is obliged to indicate a number of elements with pictograms on that map.

2. What does Moreway do?

A provisional evacuation plan is drawn up on the basis of an on-site study or existing ground plans. A plan in A3 format is digitized with the necessary software and saved on a computer.

Our team, specialized in fire protection and emergency situations, then studies the plans and determines the positions of the pictograms.

3. What is the benefit for you?

Every employer is obliged by Belgian law to provide evacuation plans where people are employed. Not only employers, but also landlords of offices must provide evacuation plans. Do not see this only as an obligation, but above all as a help to be able to leave the building safely and quickly in case of emergency.

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