Signalling study

1. What is a signalling study?

This item includes a thorough made-to-measure study, the elaboration of an updated cartographic plan of the entire business area, buildings or premises resulting in a concrete proposal of signage in the form of a visual presentation.

2. What does Moreway do?

This study determines the various access routes/traffic flow in a fully developed plan for the site. Building(s) with signposts on the plan and simulated photos of the signposts at the relevant intersections both inside and outside the building are determined here.

3. What is the benefit for you?

After this study, you will know exactly how many signposts, information boards, etc. will be needed for your project. This also results in a concrete plan with colour zones/streets/business numbers, etc. The signage study will also reveal whether it is best to work with zones and then street names or just street names and gate numbers. Each signpost will then clearly indicate the zone with the corresponding colour and the street name.

Signalling studies already carried out:

Private sector

  • Huis Madou (Brussel)
  • Troonstraat (Elsene)
  • Park Lane (Diegem)
  • Greensquare (Luxemburg)
  • Oude Baan (Mechelen)
  • Zenith Business Park (Mechelen)
  • Stephenson Plaza (Mechelen)
  • Site Dupont (Mechelen)
  • Kapittel (Niel)
  • Project Rameis (Overijse)
  • Sphere Business Park (Zellik)

Public sector

  • City of Aalst
  • Evergem
  • Dilbeek
  • Hasselt
  • Londerzeel
  • Mechelen
  • Oudsbergen