1. Which software?

Through a streamlined interface it will be possible to start projects visually and thereby automatically deliver the personalized order forms for sale.
Due to the web environment, it can be used anywhere in the world without installation.

2. What does Moreway do?

This post involves assembling a web platform by our IT programmer. This platform is a valuable addition to the existing signage on your business park. This may include the following. Your business park will have its own page with – in addition to valuable information about the location and accessibility of the site – an overview map with the precise location of all companies and an alphabetical list of companies. Each company receives its own file, including the exact GPS coordinates. The exact coordinates of the company entrance are included as standard, but other locations (parking, visitor’s entrance, staff entrance, the location of the loading docks, etc.) can also be included on request.

3. What is the benefit for you?

The platform can be very extensive with photos, info about your company, links to your website, etc. or just consist of a list with the companies and their GPS coordinates.

Some realisations

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